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Busy Days

Two weeks ago was the first 48-hour writing event, hosted by THE Tutoring Center and supported by Engen Books. Check out some of the fun here at Engen’s slideshow. Or check out our social media storm, seen through our twitter tag #48hourswriting or #48hourwriting because I was a distracted bunny.

One great thing about this crowd is how easygoing, funny, and welcoming they are. They are also very open to sharing. All the knowledge and assistance is available.

There was a great turnout too. Familiar faces from the geek convention circuit as well as WANL members and friends from local writing clubs. Shoutout to my #teamdistraction pals, Stacey Oakley, Katie Little, and Heather Reilly. Also, extra thanks to Stacey for convincing me to check out RWBY. I’m really enjoying the show, the humor, and the action! I obviously wasn’t the most observant Monty Oum fan. I was all in with Dead Fantasy and thought the show was a day job he helped on. I’m the first to admit that I’m never the hardcore fangirl type. However, there were many times he was in my memory throughout watching.

I have to thank the group as a whole for reminding me not to assume and supporting my obsession with fountain pens and inks. Thanks to you I am working diligently to be able to share my knowledge and supply with the wider public. I’m hoping to sell and share at Avalon Expo. If that doesn’t pan out, I will still be presenting on a panel. More information coming.

Since the marathon, however, it has been difficult to get back on track. I’m hoping for some accountability in listing things here.

Writing Schedule

Kinetic has fallen off its schedule. I am working to get it back on track within a week. That being said, Part One will be cluing up soon. When that happens, there will be a brief hiatus to do some extra planning and checking the plot in future parts. Be prepared for the point of view to shift around so you can get a better sense of the world of Super Hero Stories and your favourite heroes.

Review Schedule

My next review will be of Scott Bartlett’s novel, Supercarrier.

Art Schedule

I find myself suddenly on the countdown to submit my comic. Oops! Sometimes I wish someone was on my back like in the old days. How does the potential of a cash payment become less enticing than a good grade? Sheesh.


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