The Important Parts

I graduated from Seneca College in 2012 with a certificate in Art fundamentals and a diploma in Independent Illustration. I also participated in the Independently Together Graduation Gallery Show (Dec 2012).

In April 2014 I completed my Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature, focusing on novels and fiction with a minor in History focusing on ancient history from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

When I returned from Seneca I set out to be an artist on the local convention circuit. I had a table at Scifi on the Rock 2014 and Avalon Expo Alpha 2015. I was also a part of the night time figure drawing, after attending the Group of 77 daytime figure drawing before graduating university. The night time drawing petered out for now.

I continue to draw and create art which is most often posted to my instagram, but it has taken a backseat to my true purpose: writing and editing. I am freelancing as a Proofreader and Copyeditor. You can see my information at Cork Board Edits.

I am looking forward to publishing my first completed novel soon. I currently publish a Speculative Fiction Novel in serial installments on Wattpad. It’s free to read, so click here to enjoy Kinetic: A Super Hero Story.

August 2017, I started Cork Board Pens to make fountain pens and creative pen/ink supplies available to people in Newfoundland. We also teach folks who have always been curious about fountain pens, other fine writing materials, and more.

The Details
10 extra things about me…

1.I’m a fountain pen lover as well as a hand lettering enthusiast. I have always loved stationery and writing/art supplies. My wonderland was AboveGround and Curry’s in Toronto, ON, where I spent many weekends in college.

2. I am enthralled with radio shows, podcasts, and experiencing all manner of music. Music is a huge part of my writing process.

3. I am always up to something. Sometimes it’s drawing, calligraphy, comics, and hand lettering or reading about art, artists, and art history.

4. I delight in reading and writing about fiction using critical theory. I also enjoy pondering and writing on Cultural Studies and Cultural Theory. Essays and research papers were my bliss in university. I think, if I had the means and opportunity, I would love to be a Professor.

5. I have Celiac disease, Erythromelalgia (Mitchell’s disease), and depression and anxiety. I’m open and unashamed of my battles and illnesses. As a result, I transitioned to a gluten free life and then further to a plant-based whole foods lifestyle (Vegan).

6. I am also interested in fitness, as well as strength and resistance training.

7. Favorite Television: I love historical, medical, and law dramas. Some of my favorites are Grey’s Anatomy, Call the Midwife, Arrow, Supergirl, The Fosters, Downton Abbey, The Good Wife, RWBY, Wynonna Earp, How to Get Away with Murder, IZombie, and Once Upon a Time. Home Improvement shows are my guilty pleasure.

8. Favorite movies: Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, The Holiday, The Young Victoria, Frozen, Summer Wars, The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition, and Star Wars.

9. Favorite video games: I used to be a gamer. I love the industry, but I keep it at arm’s length. These days I’m a hobby gamer. My favorites are the Final Fantasy series, Legend of Dragoon, 007 Goldeneye, Mario Kart 64, Pokemon, Bioshock, Dragon Age Origins, Star Wars the Force Unleashed, The Sims, World of Warcraft, and Skyrim.

10. Favorite Music: Hans Zimmer, The Once, Mumford and Sons, Lorde, Our Lady Peace, 30 Seconds to Mars, Utada Hikaru, Adele, Breaking Benjamin, Katy Perry, Alabama Shakes, Snow Patrol, Billie Holiday, Dario Marianelli, Philip Glass, and a bunch of film composers.

11. Bonus fact: It never occurs to me to mention that I’m a lesbian.

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