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This page is about my writing work. It no longer holds the stories I am working on. Those can be found for free on my Wattpad. Please join in, comment and vote. All interest and input are greatly appreciated.

Kinetic: A Super Hero Story is regularly updated on my Wattpad. These characters and their world began as a forum written roleplay with a friend. It was created as a far extension to satisfy my ever busy mind.

Initially, Super Hero Stories was going to be presented in different sections relating to the characters. However, I wanted to see if I could follow through in the form of a single novel format. The story is currently presented through Mariah, in the ongoing installment series: Kinetic. The other sections are still on my docket as a possible companion or tie-in series.

What are the Super Hero Stories about?

The world of Super Hero Stories was formed on the basis of a question. What would the reality of super powers potentially look like? We all know the range of things from the fantastical to the gritty. These snapshot stories grapple with the many trade-offs of super powers, and it’s more than just a secret identity. It hosts many characters, some who have lived their lives with the gifts and the dangers, and others who are only just learning what it means to be one among the super, or even what it means to become a hero.


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